Shine-150 floor lamp

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frame: anthracite
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Bring your outdoor area to life with the Shine-150 floor lamp from Garten Mö This versatile lamp is equipped with RGB & White LED bulbs that provide atmospheric lighting.

The integrated on-off switch is used for dimming and color changing at the same time, while a separate switch controls the twilight function. When it gets dark, the lamp switches on automatically and illuminates your garden or terrace.

The Shine-150 has a powerful 2600mAh Li-ion battery that provides 2 to 6 hours of operation depending on the color and dimming. The solar panel ensures that the lamp is charged during the day, requiring 11 hours of direct sunlight. Alternatively, the lamp can also be charged via USB-C, with the charging time being around 5 hours.

The weather-resistant design makes the lamp rainproof and therefore perfect for outdoor use. The frame is available in white or anthracite and gives the lamp a modern look.

With the remote control you can easily turn the lamp on and off, control the color change, choose the color, adjust the brightness and even activate a candle imitation.

Discover the versatile Shine-150 floor lamp today and bathe your outdoor area in atmospheric light.

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