Fireplace cover for fire tables

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The chimney cover for our fire tables is an important accessory that can improve the safety and comfort of your fire table. The cover has been developed to fit the fire pit of the fire table precisely and is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is very robust and ensures longevity.

The chimney cover has several functions. On the one hand, it prevents rain, snow or leaves from entering the chimney of the fire table and thus protects against dirt and increases longevity.

In addition, the fireplace cover is also an aesthetic accessory that gives the fire table an elegant and modern look when the "fire function" is not in use. This means the storage space can be easily increased. Thanks to the glossy surface and minimalist design, the cover fits seamlessly into any environment and emphasizes the high-quality appearance of the fire table.

Material: stainless steel



for fire table

Ø 52 cm
Height 2.5cm

for fire table
Lunar Bowl

Ø 68 cm
Height 2.5cm

for fire table
Aurora | Lismore | Manhattan | Westport

Height 1.5cm

for fire table
Kinsale | Granville | Hampton

Height 2.5cm