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The "Cathy" outdoor corner bench set is the ultimate combination of style, functionality and durability to transform your garden into a cozy oasis of relaxation. This exclusive set sets new standards in terms of design and quality.

Black textile side cords - weatherproof and stylish: The side textile cords of the "Cathy" corner bench are in elegant black and give the set a contemporary aesthetic. These cords are not only eye-catching, but also extremely weather-resistant. Rain, sun or cold cannot harm them, so your corner bench always remains in top condition.

Thermowood - Natural beauty and durability: The table tops and armrests of the "Cathy" are made of thermowood, a material of the highest quality. Thermowood is treated using a special process at high temperatures and without chemicals. This not only gives it a beautiful natural look, but also exceptional resistance to moisture, insects and rot. The result is a durable and easy-care material that preserves the natural beauty of the wood.

Aluminum frame - stability and elegance: The frame of the "Cathy" corner bench is made of anthracite powder-coated aluminum. This combination of stability and elegance ensures long-lasting outdoor use. The aluminum frame is corrosion-resistant and lightweight, making the corner bench easier to move.

Versatile arrangement - your freedom of design: The "Cathy" corner bench has a generous size of 214x275 cm, but can also be set up sideways. This flexibility allows you to customize the outdoor space to your liking and create the perfect place to relax.

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