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Fire has always connected people and creates a feeling of security and cohesion. In today's world, when the terrace or garden has become a place for relaxation, a romantic get-together with friends or just enjoying a glass of wine, we would like to transfer this tried-and-tested concept into a modern form.

The Bergamo fire table is the newest member of the Elementi ® Plus collection and redefines the outdoor fire experience. With a powerful heater of up to 16 kW and first-class workmanship, it sets new standards for performance and quality.

The body of the table is made of high-strength GRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Conrete), a modern concrete technology reinforced with glass fibers. This innovative construction ensures durability and resistance to rain, frost or intense sunlight.

Operating the Bergamo fire table is simple and intuitive. Thanks to the electronic ignition and the ability to individually adjust the flame height, you have full control over the fire. Sit back, relax and let the fascinating flame backdrop bathe your outdoor area in inviting light.

As is usual with the Plus collection, the premium extras are also included here: In addition to the matching protective cover, there is also a chimney cover in the same surface color as the body and also a bag with fire glass in the color bronze, which also harmonizes perfectly with the table .

With the Bergamo Plus, your terrace or garden will become a welcoming and modern place that offers both comfort and aesthetic appeal. Whether you are planning social evenings with friends or just want to enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the fire alone - this fire table meets your expectations and sets new standards.

What is the “PLUS” in Elementi® Plus collection:

  • - larger & more robust -
    • All models in the Plus collection are 20-30% larger and heavier for a solid look and a sturdier frame.
  • - higher and warmer flame -
    • The heat output has been increased to 60,000 BTU through an improved combustion system.
  • - extreme durability -
    • Plus models' casings are made of durable materials (GFRC, porcelain, stainless steel, aluminum plate, etc.) that are waterproof, fireproof and corrosion resistant. It is suitable for all weather conditions.
  • - Premium accessories -
    • now included in all Plus models :
      • Chimney cover
      • Fire glass
      • Fabric cover


  • Body dimensions: 107 x 107 x 35 cm
  • Body material: handmade glass fiber reinforced light fiber concrete
  • Burner ring dimensions: Ø 30.5 cm
  • Burner ring material: 304 stainless steel, 16 gauge
  • Burner pan dimensions: 45.2 x 45.2 x 0.5 cm
  • Weight: 91 kg
  • Gas type: propane, propane/butane
  • Power: 16 kW
  • Maximum heat output: 60,000 BTUS for CSA
  • Control system: radio ignition at the push of a button

Package contents:

  • Fireplace cover made of aluminum in a matching color
  • Protective cover for entire table
  • Fire glass in the color bronze
  • Gas regulator and supply hose 3 m
  • AAA ignition battery
  • Repair kit for light fiber concrete body
  • operation manual

optional accessories:

  • Wind protection made of safety glass
  • Gas bottle tank made of light fiber concrete body