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The "Alica" garden table group expands the popular "Alicia" collection with an ensemble designed for stylish meals and sociable hours outdoors. This group consists of an elegant dining table and six comfortable armchairs, which together provide the perfect setting for any outdoor dinner.

Materials and design: Like the corner bench group "Alicia", "Alica" also impresses with the use of sintered stone for the table top, which has an attractive gray stone look. This innovative material is known for its resistance to the elements and easy care. The aluminum frame with a deceptively real wood look gives the group a warm, natural look and stands in perfect contrast to the modern sintered stone top.

The six armchairs are covered with green textile cords, which not only ensure an attractive design, but are also breathable and comfortable to use on warm days. The matching green cushions are made of weather-resistant fabric and offer a high level of seating comfort.

Flexibility and comfort: The "Alica" garden table group is known for its flexibility and the comfort it offers. The armchairs can be easily grouped around the table after use to form a neat and compact unit that makes optimal use of the space.

Robustness and ease of care: Thanks to the high-quality material selection, the "Alica" group is extremely robust and easy to care for. Sintered stone and the coated aluminum frame withstand everyday use and the elements, while the textiles and cushions are easy to clean to keep the group fresh and inviting.

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