Alicia corner bench group

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size: square

The "Alicia" garden corner bench group is the heart of any outdoor area, combining modern design with functional flexibility. Choose between 'Alicia' with a square table for cozy gatherings or 'Alicia XL' for lavish gatherings, both complete with a corner bench to adapt to your space.

Sintered stone – robustness with a stone look: Sintered stone is an ultra-modern material that is perfect for outdoor furniture. Under high temperatures and pressure, a compact product is created that combines the look of stone with exceptional durability. It is resistant to stains, scratches and the elements, making "Alicia" tabletops ideal for outdoor living.

Design and functionality: The "Alicia" group is characterized by its aluminum frame with a wood look, which combines stability with a natural aesthetic. The green textile cords complement the green cushions and offer a fresh color palette that is permanently preserved thanks to the weather-resistant fabric.

Diverse design options:

Square table: 130x130 cm, corner bench 215x215 cm – perfect for balanced room concepts. Rectangular table: 90x180 cm, corner bench 287x215 cm - ideal for larger groups and increased comfort. Mirror-inverted installation: adaptability for a wide range of spatial situations.

Robust and easy to care for: The combination of sintered stone and weatherproof fabric makes the “Alicia” corner bench group extremely easy to care for. Simply wiping the surfaces is enough to keep the furniture in top condition over the long term.

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