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color variant: cream

The Letizia garden sofa is revolutionizing the world of outdoor furniture with its exquisite design and innovative materials. This sofa, available in cream or anthracite, combines stylish aesthetics with exceptional weather resistance, making it an exquisite piece of furniture for any outdoor area.

Luxurious Material - Axroma Fabric: Axroma fabric is a state-of-the-art outdoor textile known for its robustness and resistance to all weather conditions. Its tightly woven structure not only offers a pleasant feel, but also the durability necessary to withstand rain, sun and wind. With such a cover, the Letizia garden sofa is not only a visual highlight, but also practical and durable.

Innovative water management technology: Under the Axroma fabric there is a special drainage layer that repels water and drains it away quickly. This technology prevents moisture from penetrating the foam and ensures that the sofa dries quickly and remains free of mold and unpleasant odors. This makes the Letizia garden sofa an ideal companion for all climate conditions.

Diverse combination options: In addition to the generous back cushions that ensure optimal comfort, the Letizia garden sofa can be easily combined with the matching armchairs from the same series. For those who want to extend the lounge experience, there are also the "Stephan" garden loungers, available in the same high-quality Axroma fabric cover, highlighting the uniformity of the design.

A sofa that inspires: The Letizia garden sofa is more than just a piece of furniture - it is an investment in comfort and design that transforms the outdoor area into a luxurious relaxation oasis. Whether for relaxing hours with a book, convivial evenings with friends or as an elegant resting place next to the pool, this sofa exceeds all expectations.

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