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The "Kiki" garden group is a prime example of innovative garden furniture that impresses with both functionality and modern design. This set, consisting of a bench, two armchairs, a footstool and a dining table, offers the optimal combination of comfort and adaptability for your outdoor space.

Innovative backrest adjustment: A special feature of the "Kiki" garden group is the continuously adjustable backrest of the armchairs and the bench, which can be tilted simply at the push of a button. The buttons on the sides allow for individual adjustment for optimal relaxation. With the bench, all three seats can be reclined independently of each other, so that each seat offers its own comfort.

Multifunctional dining table: The dining table complements the versatility of the group with a height-adjustable function made possible by a gas strut. With dimensions of 140 x 80 cm and a height adjustment of 50 to 69 cm, the table can be used both as a dining table and as a low lounge table, making the "Kiki" group ideal for various occasions.

High-quality materials and dimensions: The solid construction and attractive design are complemented by high-quality materials that ensure durability and weather resistance. The bench measuring 255 x 191 cm offers generous space, while the table and chairs harmoniously round off the set.

The "Kiki" garden group is perfect for anyone looking for a flexible and stylish outdoor setting. It is ideal for enjoying relaxed afternoons outdoors or for inviting friends and family to a cozy meal. With "Kiki" you experience the freedom to design your garden according to your wishes.

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