Juliet lounge group

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The Juliet lounge group is a contemporary addition to any outdoor space, combining comfort and practicality in one stylish package. This group consists of a spacious corner bench and a matching coffee table, perfect for socializing or relaxing outdoor afternoons.

Dimensions and design: With a length of 247 x 247 cm, the corner bench offers enough space for family and friends. The clean, modern design is complemented by two side shelves that are both functional and aesthetic. Books, drinks or decorative elements find their place here, while the minimalist design makes the lounge group a real eye-catcher.

Polywood - The modern alternative to wood: Both the shelves of the corner bench and the table top of the coffee table are made of polywood with a teak look. Polywood is an innovative material that combines the classic beauty of wood with the durability and ease of care of plastic. It is weather-resistant, UV-stabilized and requires little maintenance compared to real wood, making it the ideal choice for garden furniture.

Advantages of Polywood:

  • Weather Resistance: Polywood can withstand rain, snow and strong sunlight without rotting or fading.
  • Ease of care: A simple wipe with soapy water is enough to keep Polywood clean.
  • Sustainability: Polywood is often made from recycled materials and thus contributes to environmental protection.
  • Aesthetics: It mimics the look of real wood without the need to cut down trees.

The Juliet lounge group is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a low-maintenance, long-lasting and elegant outdoor furniture solution. Combine comfort and style and enjoy the freedom to design your outdoor living room however you want.

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