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Relax in the natural beauty and elegant design of the Celeste lounge group. This garden furniture collection combines ergonomic design with the aesthetics of modern outdoor living to give any space an open and inviting atmosphere. The group includes a bench, two armchairs and a coffee table, which are perfectly coordinated with each other.

Innovative design meets comfort: The Celeste lounge group, inspired by the chair series of the same name, offers flowing, minimalist lines and is therefore a prime example of modern design. The twisted plastic cords that already caused a stir with the “Celeste” garden chair can also be found here and offer flexible back support and an interesting look.

Durability and weather resistance: The lounge group's sturdy metal frame is powder-coated to provide additional protection against the elements. The cords effectively repel moisture, making the lounge group the ideal companion for all weather conditions.

Versatile and flexible placement: The Celeste lounge group is designed to look great even in limited spaces. The lack of armrests on the armchairs underlines the slim, inviting design and offers flexibility in arrangement.

High-quality materials for optimal comfort: Comfort is the top priority for the Celeste lounge group. Soft seat cushions invite you to linger, while the cord backrests gently hug the body and ensure long-lasting comfort.

Lightweight and easy to care for: The combination of a lightweight metal frame and plastic cords makes the Celeste lounge group easy to move and store. Ease of care is another feature that makes them an ideal choice for any garden.

Expand your garden ambience with the Celeste lounge group, which combines beauty and functionality, and also discover the “Cassidy” armchair and the “Celeste” chair in the same design for a harmonious overall picture.

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