Cassidy lounge group

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execution: Corner bench - armchair - coffee table

The “Cassidy” lounge group is an oasis of relaxation for your garden that impresses with its unique design and adaptability. The group consists of a spacious corner bench, a comfortable armchair and an innovative coffee table, which offers versatile design options thanks to its rotating plates.

Innovative coffee table design: The coffee table is the heart of this lounge group and is characterized by its multifunctional plates that can be rotated and arranged as desired. Whether as a straight table, in an L shape or pushed into one another - it adapts to every situation and every need.

Expandable and flexible: The corner bench can be extended by 80 cm with an optional middle element, allowing you to adjust the length as desired on the left or right side. The additional element is available separately and allows you to vary the seating depending on the occasion and number of guests.

High-quality materials: Like the “Cassidy” armchair, this lounge group also has carefully twisted plastic cords that not only impress visually, but also ensure a weatherproof and easy-care surface. The combination of the robust aluminum frame with a wood look and the cream-colored textile cords creates an atmosphere of natural elegance.

Comfort meets style: The “Cassidy” lounge group offers excellent seating comfort with its soft cushions in beige tones and the airy backrest. It combines stylish design with functionality and is therefore ideal for long, comfortable hours outdoors.

Complete your garden furniture collection with the “Cassidy” armchair and the “Celeste” chair, which are available in the same design, and create a harmonious overall picture in your outdoor area.

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