Cameron dining table

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color finish: White
size: Large
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The "Cameron" garden table is a masterpiece of design and functionality and brings the elegance of classic marble tables to the outdoor area. Available in two elegant sinterstone finishes, Marble Look White and Marble Look Gray, “Cameron” offers a luxurious surface that is both pleasing to the eye and able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Innovative Material: Sinterstone is an advanced material known for its exceptional durability and weather resistance. A special manufacturing process in which natural minerals are fused under heat and pressure to form a dense, non-porous surface gives Sinterstone its marble-like appearance and texture without being susceptible to stains or scratches.

Elegant design and functionality: The "Cameron" is characterized by its modern yet timeless design, which is particularly functional thanks to the synchronous extension. If necessary, the table can be easily extended: simply pull one end of the table top and the opposite end magically opens in sync. This system creates space in the center of the table for an expansion panel that automatically lifts and fits seamlessly, quickly accommodating more guests.

Flexible sizes for every occasion:

  • Medium: Starts at a length of 180 cm and extends to 240 cm.
  • Large: Grows from 240 cm to a remarkable 300 cm.
  • X-Large: Starts at 280cm and expands to an impressive 340cm.

Each size offers plenty of space for shared meals, celebrations and social gatherings in the open air.

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