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The Alicia armchair is an exclusive addition to the “Alicia” garden corner bench group, which is only available in combination with the corner bench. This chair has been specially designed to complete the ensemble and provide additional seating comfort.

Perfectly coordinated design: With its aluminum frame, which is harmoniously coordinated with the corner bench, the Alicia armchair complements the overall look of your outdoor lounge. The design remains true to the wood look of the series and ensures that the chair fits seamlessly into the ensemble.

Exclusivity in combination: This armchair is proof of careful planning and the desire for harmony in your outdoor area. It is deliberately designed only as part of the "Alicia" series to ensure that the aesthetics and functionality of the group are maintained.

Comfort meets quality: With the same high-quality green textile cords and comfortable cushions that also adorn the corner bench, this chair not only promises an attractive look, but also an extremely pleasant sitting experience.

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