Stephan lounge group

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color variant: anthracite

A living room feeling in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony comes with the cozy Stephan lounge group.

It consists of a three-part corner bench, the corner part of which has fixed backrests. Four additional flexible backrests are also included. These can be distributed and rotated on the bench as desired. Thanks to the reinforcement weight and the non-slip bottom, these cannot slip.

The integrated base frame is made of a lightweight aluminum construction. Above this there is a removable textile fabric in the color cream or anthracite.

The entire system becomes impermeable to water thanks to the drainage layer underneath.

In addition to the lounge group, a stool with the same structure and cover is included. This can either be pushed onto the seating for the footrest and extension or can also be converted into a table. For the second option, a metal tray is included as an addition.

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