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The "Devin" garden chair brings modern chic and functional elegance to any outdoor area. With a choice of colors in dark gray and green, this chair fits seamlessly into various design concepts. Particularly noteworthy is the innovative textile covering, which in the dark gray version offers light padding without compromising the weather resistance that is essential for outdoor furniture.

Innovative textile covering: The dark gray model of the "Devin" is characterized by its padded textile covering, which offers maximum comfort while at the same time being water-repellent and resistant to moisture. This ensures that the chair does not become saturated with water and dries quickly, making it a practical companion for all weather conditions.

Color selection and design: Choose between a deep dark gray that combines modernity with a touch of luxury, or a lively green that radiates freshness and naturalness. Both color options are perfectly coordinated with the chair's slim and timeless design, which is underlined by the clean lines of the metal frame and the warm wooden accents of the armrests.

Longevity and ease of care: Thanks to the use of high-quality textiles and a robust metal frame, the "Devin" garden chair promises long-lasting use without much maintenance. The materials are specifically designed for the demands of outdoor use, making the "Devin" a worry-free addition to your garden or patio.

Comfortable details: The “Devin” not only impresses visually, but also with its high level of seating comfort. The light padding of the dark gray version ensures a soft sitting feeling, while the green model impresses with its ergonomic textile covering, which offers optimal back support.

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