Devin dining table

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HPL version: completely wood decor

The "Devin" garden table is a masterful combination of aesthetics and functionality, designed to enrich your outdoor space. It is available in two sophisticated versions - with an HPL panel in stone decor for the main panel and a charming wood decor for the pull-out panel, or completely in an inviting wood decor.

HPL – high-pressure laminate: HPL stands for high-pressure laminate, an extremely durable material that is created by pressing several layers together under high pressure. The top layer forms a decorative pattern that is both visually appealing and incredibly resistant to scratches, abrasion, heat and weather. It is the ideal choice for a garden table that is intended to be both durable and stylish.

Design and functionality: The "Devin" has a sophisticated pull-out system similar to that of the "Cameron" garden table. With a simple pull on one end of the table top, the opposite end opens synchronously, making room for the extension top, which automatically raises. This intuitive design allows the table to be expanded quickly and effortlessly as needed.

Diverse design options:

  • Stone decor & wood decor: The main panels in stone decor, paired with an extension panel in wood decor, offer a unique and modern look that combines naturalness and contemporary elegance.
  • Completely in wood decor: The design in complete wood decor ensures a consistently warm and inviting atmosphere, giving every room a classic look.

Robust and easy to care for: Thanks to the high-quality HPL panels, the “Devin” garden table is extremely easy to care for and resistant to the daily challenges of outdoor life. A simple wipe down is enough to keep this table looking new for years to come.

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